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Looking to gain a fully accredited and Christ-centered education? Discover what you are searching for at Milestone College! In our program, you’ll experience a strong academic curriculum paired with a spiritual family that is passionate about Christian leadership and Reaching People and Building Lives.

Looking for more information on Milestone College?
Take a look at our list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Milestone College, below, that may answer some of your questions!

We have an upcoming Preview Day on Wednesday, March 25 starting at 8:30am at our Keller campus. For more information and to register for that event, please click here.

Looking to talk to our team about Milestone College?
Fill out the interest form below, and we will reach out to you! 

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What is the general timeline for upcoming Milestone College events?
Our tentative schedule for 2020 is as follows:
March 25: Preview Day for prospective students (with ORU representatives)
August: Orientation for students and start of class

Can students receive an accredited degree from Milestone College? 
Milestone College is a ministry of Milestone Church; Oral Roberts University, Tulsa, OK, in a collaborative agreement with Milestone Church hosts an instructional site on the church campus and offers students affordable, regionally-accredited degree programs.

ORU is accredited through the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), one of the top accrediting organizations in the country. 

Why is Milestone College partnering with Oral Roberts University to offer this degree program? 
There are a host of reasons that make ORU a fantastic educational partner. ORU provides a spiritual and historical pillar for a biblically-based worldview, spirit empowered higher education institution; Milestone Church provides the strength of the local church. ORU also places an institutional emphasis on retention, graduation, and placement of students, with:

  1. US News & World Report listing ORU as Best in the West for Regional Universities and a Best Value School. 
  2. Best Value Schools ranking ORU among the top 25 schools for its Bachelor’s in Theology and Christian Studies.

Why choose Milestone College compared to another nationally-recognized university, regional college or Bible college? 
Milestone College students are essentially receiving a quality education at an affordable price with personal coaching, career counseling and spiritual family that you will not experience in many places. 

Important notes include:

  1. ORU: Princeton Review Best in the West, Forbes calls ORU one of America’s top colleges, US News and World Report considers ORU one of the best value universities 
  2. Highest accreditation: through Higher Learning Commission 
  3. Value: the average four-year private university costs more per year than what Milestone College students will pay over four years
  4. Leadership Focus and Ministry Practicum
  5. Personalization: Enrollment was almost 100k students this past year at Tarrant County Community College, for example; at Milestone College we will have an intentionally small class size. 

What kind of emphasis is placed on academics at Milestone College?
Along with a significant ministry practicum, leadership focus, and lifestyle expectations, the academic load at Milestone College will be rigorous. One of Milestone Church’s core values is development; therefore, we believe in all our students being lifelong learners. 

What’s the “student type” at Milestone College?
Milestone College will primarily have students that are incoming freshmen with less than 15 credits towards college but certainly welcomes other students. Other students will include: students that already have AP or dual credit(s), Tarrant County College or other community college transfers, and other college transfers. 

How do I apply to Milestone College? 
Our Milestone College-specific application is now live. Applicants will have to be admitted to both Milestone College and Oral Roberts University to attend Milestone College in Keller. 

Other college applications are open; are we behind if we wait for Milestone College’s application process?
Most regional schools do not have freshman application deadlines until at least February or March 1, and deposits are not due until late spring or early summer. We do not believe that our timing will keep you from making your best decision on the next education steps. 

What are the minimum test score(s) for admissions into Milestone College? 
Although every applicant is different and circumstances vary based on the applicant pool, a general baseline for successful applicants will be an ACT score of 20 or higher and an SAT score of 1020 or higher (math and critical reading only). Other baselines to keep in mind include the top 40% of high school class or at least a 2.6 GPA. 

Can AP credits or dual credit programs be used in conjunction with Milestone College?
Milestone College welcomes students with college credits, and will work to create degree plans that prioritize the student! 

ORU also offers an incredible Advantage program (dual credit program) that high school students are encouraged to pursue:

How does transferring into Milestone College work? 
It is important to note that no school, whether ORU or otherwise, has to accept another school’s credits. However, ORU tries to do as much as possible with the help of admissions specialists to accommodate students’ unique situations. 

Please refer to ORU’s transfer information page, here:

Will Milestone College have any kind of Preview Day for prospective students?
We are so glad you asked! Our Preview Day will be Wednesday, March 25, when you will get a fuller picture of what life will be like at Milestone College, including an abbreviated class! For more information as well as registration, please click here

What if I go to Milestone College for a year or two and then wish to transfer?
Generally, most courses should transfer to another institution, as long as the grade is a C or higher because they are college-level courses. Exactly how they transfer to another institution is based on that institution’s transfer guidelines.

In terms of how they may transfer into other ORU programs and many other institutions, we have structured Years 1-2 to have 18 credit hours of Theology & Ministry courses (out of approximately 60 credit hours). If a student changes to an (online) ORU major or transfers to another institution, the 18 hours of “ministry” courses will typically satisfy general elective requirements. All of the remaining Years 1-2 courses should satisfy general education requirements in any of ORU’s online programs and many other institutions. *It is the responsibility of the student to verify with other institutions how potential courses may transfer.  

What will be the cost of Milestone College?
Tuition and fees (no room and board) will be approximately 10k/year. 
A Tulsa-based ORU student pays approximately 30k in tuition alone so Milestone students are receiving an incredible discount for the same diploma upon graduation. 

How do I apply for FAFSA with Milestone College?
When applying for FAFSA, please use ORU’s code: 003985. 

For any more help with FAFSA, please reach out directly to Milestone College staff:  

Where will Milestone College classes take place?
Milestone College will be a blended learning environment on grounds at our (Milestone Church) Keller campus as well as online. 

Who will make up the faculty at Milestone College? 
Milestone College faculty will be both Milestone Church staff and non-Milestone staff. Faculty will have a Master’s or Doctoral degree in a relevant field of study, carry the heart and culture of our church, and be great teachers. 

Is there housing provided for students?
At this time, there are no on-campus housing options at Milestone College. 

What does the community look like at Milestone College? 
Just like our church at large, Milestone College places an emphasis on spiritual family! Our student life events, intramurals, small groups, trips, and practicum all provide an environment that any student can thrive in. 

What help is available if a student has spiritual needs or concerns?
Outside of the academic faculty and staff resources available through Milestone College and Oral Roberts University, students will have pastoral staff and ministry leaders that students can reach out to.

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