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Student Small Groups

Find A Student Small Group

We are passionate about seeing students find meaningful relationships in small groups. We call this spiritual family! Whether your student is in middle school or high school, we would love to see them get connected in a small group!

As we are pursuing caution and safety with our Elevate students, we have adjusted our student small groups to meet online through Zoom for this Fall semester. Below is a list of our online groups, we'd love to have you a part of one!

If you are comfortable meeting in-person instead, we have a few options available for you. For in-person small groups, click here.

ONLINE Middle School Groups

Stephanie Miller - 7th/8th Grade Girls - Sunday 7:00PM
Zoom Link: 
899 - 6104 - 9712 Password: elevate

Luke Newby - 7th/8th Grade Boys - Monday 8:00PM
Zoom Link: 
836 - 0777 - 1310 Password: elevate

ONLINE High School Groups

Claire Camp & Ashley Klatt - 9th / 10th Grade Girls - Sunday 5:00PM
Zoom Link:
711-8877-2822 Password: elevate

Kiersten Pearson - 9th / 10th Grade Girls - Friday 6:30PM
Phone Number:  916-952-1502 

Jin Kounrabouth - 7th-12th  Grade Boys - Thursday 7:00PM
Zoom Code: 
253 880 0498

Elijah Kimbrough - 7th - 12th Grade Boys - Monday 6:00PM
Phone Number: 682-239-9187

Grayson Wilson - 9th / 10th Grade Boys - Monday 7:00PM
Zoom Link: 
868-3178-1126 Password: elevate

Andre Delaney - 9th / 10th Grade Boys - Saturday 6:00PM
Phone Number: 682-241-7344

Fernanda Bell - 11th / 12th Grade Girls - Thursday 6:30PM
Phone Number: 817-819-3426 

Kris Cruz - 11th / 12th Grade Boys Saturday 11:00AM
Zoom Link:
837-911-5149 Password: elevate

Doug & Kasie Castleberry - 11th / 12th Grade Co-Ed Monday 7:00PM
Zoom Link: 
938 - 2357 - 4875 Password: elevate

If you have questions about small groups, please email our ministry leaders to find the right group for your student.

For High School groups: Jesse Wagner, Student Pastor.

For Middle School groups: Luke Newby, Middle School Director.


October 28, 2020


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