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About Haslet, TX

The city we love to call home.

Many people love to call Haslet, Texas home, with its small-town rural community feel but easy access to several major cities that offer a more fast-paced lifestyle. It is nestled halfway between Denton and Fort Worth in one of the fastest-growing areas in Texas.

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Haslet is a city in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex in the U.S. state of Texas, mainly in Tarrant County and partially in Denton County. It is situated 20 miles south of Denton and 15 miles north of downtown Fort Worth, TX. Interstate 35W, US 287, and Alliance Airport all border Haslet.

The Handbook of Texas states that while the area was established around 1880, it probably took until 1883 for a distinct settlement to emerge when the Gulf, Colorado, and Santa Fe Railways extended their lines through the region.

Modern Haslet

Haslet, regarded as a significant intermodal hub, has a transportation and distribution network made up of major highways and the adjacent Alliance Airport. With a commute time of only 30 minutes to Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, Haslet jobs continue to experience an unprecedented growth rate. Haslet is putting itself in an excellent position to draw in new corporations and enterprises since its main trade area is still expanding, and just 20% of its available sites have been built out. Haslet, with a total area of 8.193 square miles, has reasonably low property taxes, which is also attractive to prospective businesses and homeowners.

Haslet is fortunate to have a kind and inviting community, a top-notch educational system, several private schools, and award-winning municipal facilities, activities, and services. There is also a vast selection of places near Haslet to shop and eat. The United States Census Bureau reports that as of the census taken in 2020, Haslet had a population of 1,952 people, 835 households, and 730 families. There were 151.2 individuals per square mile in the area. On average, there were 533 dwelling units, with a density of 53.6 per square mile. The average household size is 2.81, and the average family size is 3.1.

The Haslet Public Library won the Texas Municipal Library Directors Association Achievement of Excellence Award for 2021 and finished first in the U.S. in the Library Journal 5-Star award. The Haslet Public Library is a focal point of community life that links and unites people while offering programs for children and adults of all ages. It also creates a safe and open atmosphere and is the best and most sought-after resource for knowledge, learning, and discovery in the area.

John Gammill Park is part of the parks and recreation system located in Haslet and is situated next to the Haslet Public Library. It has a covered pavilion, a fenced-in play area for kids of all abilities, picnic tables, public bathrooms, and lovely shade trees. The Haslet Community Park has an 18-hole disc golf course, a sand volleyball court, a basketball court, a big covered pavilion, swings, play structures, bathrooms, and walking paths.

Haslet is poised for significant growth over the next several years, with five new residential subdivisions and multiple large corporations making Haslet their home and offering jobs to the community.

Government and Services

Municipal Government

The City of Haslet's governing body comprises a mayor and a city council with five council members. All council members, including the mayor, are chosen for two-year terms. The Haslet City Hall is located at 105 Main Street and offers its residents water, garbage, and recycling services.

The Haslet Public Works Department is a branch of the Engineering Department. It is responsible for maintaining the city's physical infrastructure, including the streets, sidewalks, curbs and gutters, street medians, street trees, street and traffic signs, pavement markings, street lights, and traffic signals. It also maintains the city's landscape, water supply, water main lines, water services, water meters and meter readings for water billing, water conservation, refuse collection, and recycling.

Haslet Fire and Rescue

The Haslet Fire Department is a regional emergency services organization that responds to fire and medical emergencies in a designated 911 area for the residents of Haslet and the other unincorporated communities in north Tarrant County, TX. MedStar also offers medical emergency responses in Haslet and the neighboring regions.

The Haslet Fire Department also offers mutual assistance support locally, county-wide, and state-wide. One station in the center of the City of Haslet serves as the base of operations. The Haslet Fire Department's service area is around 19 square miles.

The Haslet Fire Department supports the neighborhood and organizes activities to promote fire education and preventive services all year long.

Education in Haslet

Northwest ISD: A Great District

Residents of Haslet attend public schools in Northwest Independent School District (Northwest ISD), one of the state's school districts with the highest growth rate. Each year, more than 1400 new students enroll in Northwest ISD. There are now 17,791 students enrolled in Northwest ISD, which covers 234 square miles and serves 14 communities, towns, and cities in portions of three counties.

The district runs a special programs center, a community-based juvenile residential program, two comprehensive high schools, an accelerated high school, four middle schools, and sixteen primary schools.

Haslet ISD Achievements

Northwest ISD is a TEA Recognized District and has won accolades around the country:

  • District Excellence in Digital Learning Award for 2011
  • 2010 Best Community for Music Education Award
  • 2022 Best Community for Music Education Award
  • Five schools were recognized nationally as "Higher Performing Schools" for 2010-2011
  • SAT and ACT results that were above state and country norms, including Chisholm Trail Middle School, which was selected a 2010-2011 "School to Watch."

Economy and Demographics

Haslet has a growing and strong economy with a young population.

  • Median Household Income $142,656
  • Age Distribution Median Age 46
  • Educational Attainment college degree or higher 36.26%
  • Homeownership Rate 95.1%
  • Population density 53.6 people per square mile
  • Cost of living 124.8


Haslet has hot, humid summers; chilly, windy winters; and seasonal partial cloudiness. The average annual temperature ranges from 35 to 96 degrees Fahrenheit, seldom falling below 23 or rising over 103. The best time of year to soak up the sun and spend time at the lake or swimming pool is from June to mid-September.

Haslet History

The Town of Haslet was established as the "City of Haslet" on January 16th, 1961.

Irish-born Charles L. Maloney, 96, who had lived in Haslet since 1882, passed away in 1938. In 1882, Mr. Maloney traveled to the Blue Mound region with his Fort Worth-based brother-in-law, H.C. Hurley. They purchased the current Haslet location, a desolate piece of property located 15 miles north of Fort Worth. Mr. Maloney first raised short-horned Durham cattle. One of the earliest herds in this county belonged to him.

A Santa Fe Railroad agent visited the Maloney property to request railroad right-of-way. "Let progress roll through someone else's land," Mr. Maloney advised them. Later, Mrs. Maloney said that taking the train through Fort Worth would be convenient. After mounting his steed, Mr. Maloney headed toward the railroad, and the construction workers were assured they could enter. A man enquired as to what Mr. Maloney had stated and was told, "He has let us go through."

Haslett, Michigan native Joel C. Harmmond worked as a Colorado & Santa Fe railroad contractor. He responded, "We'll call this stop Has let—." Mr. Maloney was given credit for the name by the local inhabitants and railroad workers because he allowed the train to pass through in 1886.

A post office was established in 1887, and a one-teacher school had 21 pupils by 1896. Fifty people called Haslet home in 1915, compared to 67 in 1903. Haslet had three supermarkets, a hardware shop, a dry goods store, and a cotton gin in the 1920s.

We hope you’ll love Haslet as much as we do.

Haslet has been ranked one of the "Best Suburbs to Buy a House in Texas,"as well as in the DFW Area and Tarrant County and one of the "Places with the Best Public Schools in Texas,", DFW, and Tarrant County among other ratings and honors.

Finding a Church In Haslet, Texas

The good news is that Haslet has many thriving churches that can provide you and your family with a place for spiritual growth. If you're looking for a church in Haslet, Milestone Church would love to connect with you and share our mission to reach people and build lives. We want to be your spiritual family, not simply a place you visit once a week. We want to connect with you and encourage you to take the next step in deepening your relationship with God. We've made it really simple with our Growth Track.

Milestone Church's LOCATION from Haslet, TX

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We have an easy, next-step process to help you learn more, grow spiritually, and connect in our Growth Track.

The Growth Track consists of:

  • Discovery 101- Hear from Pastor Jeff and learn about Milestone in a gathering on Sunday morning after service. Lunch and childcare provided.
  • Serve Team 201 – Discover your spiritual gifts and how you can get connected to serve in a ministry where you can find fulfillment in reaching people and building lives.
  • Values 301 – Get connected and make deep friendships in this six-week small group setting, where you'll learn about Milestone’s values and how they help you grow in your walk with God.

Welcome to Haslet, TX.
We'd love you to be our guest!

If you are looking for a church in Haslet, we'd love for you to be our guest. We have a special parking spot for you, and it would be our pleasure to meet you, get to know you, and answer any questions you have about Milestone or simply help you get settled in Haslet if you are a new resident! We look forward to meeting you soon.

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