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Hearing God

February 25, 2024

How Do We Know Which Voices to Trust?

Pastor Jeff Little

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Is God close to me? Does He see what I’m going through? Will He show up with His miracle power when I need Him most? Most of us have wrestled with these questions. No one performed miracles like Jesus. He restored sight to the blind, helped the lame walk, calmed the seas, and multiplied one boy’s lunch to feed thousands. The Bible is filled with miracles...but what is God trying to show us? We invite you to join us for this 8-week message series and Small Group experience where we will learn about how God shows up in our lives and meets us in our moment of need.

Next Gen Weekend 2023

Here at Milestone, we believe that “You don’t have to wait to be great. You can be a great kid!” Next Gen Weekend is one that we anticipate every year. This weekend is only a glimpse into what happens every single week in our kids and student environments. Milestone has always been a place where young people don’t stay on the sidelines but are in the game using their gifts to serve others. Join us as we see how God has been moving in the next generation at Milestone Church!


Have you ever wondered what it means to magnify the Lord? Maybe this idea seems puzzling to you. To magnify simply means to make bigger. We all have a choice what we make bigger in our lives. The truth is, life presents daily opportunities to magnify God but many other things can fight for our attention. We want to help you understand at a deeper level what it looks like to put God first through our brand-new series, “Magnify”. We invite you each week to listen as Pastor Jeff Little shares what it means to magnify God, the barriers that keep us from doing so, and how to seek moments in your own life where you can worship the Lord.

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