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The Milestone Ministry Residency provides individuals first-hand experience in a growing local church ministry environment. Through shadowing, personal development, teaching, and service opportunities the residency will help candidates discern and enhance a lifetime ministry calling.

  • The program duration is one-year followed by evaluation, clear next steps, and the potential to continue for a second year.
  • The resident candidate may be part-time (approximately 25-hours a week) or full-time (approximately 40-hours a week) at Milestone Church within an assigned ministry area.
  • Complete Milestone Growth Track.
  • Report to and communicate regularly with supervising staff.
  • Complete ministry assignments with excellence.
  • Be available to assist different ministry areas as needed. Ex: Retreats, VBS, Camps, Serve Day
  • Attend/Serve on the weekends and for services related to their ministry area. Ex: Weekend Services + Elevate Wednesday service
  • Abide by Milestone Employee Guidelines.
  • Continued progress toward education goal.
  • Part-time resident candidates may be permitted to obtain part-time jobs but should not conflict with residency expectations/commitments.
  • Once reviewed, background check and reference check will be completed.
  • Interviews will be scheduled for qualified candidates. Additional interviews with Executive staff will be scheduled as needed.
  • Notification of acceptance will be communicated by Milestone Church’s Human Resources Department.
  • Upon acceptance, a candidate will receive an offer letter with terms for a one-year resident period and an employee policy manual.
  • The candidate will not be hired until he/she has agreed to all terms and signs to uphold employee policies.
  • Qualified candidates will be committed followers of Christ with a ministry call.
  • Candidates will have recommendation letters supporting identified leadership potential with gifting in connections, administration, communication, worship, and/or others depending on ministry area placement.
  • Candidates will have recently graduated college or completed a minimum of 60-hours of college coursework. Exceptions will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
  • Candidates interested in the Milestone Ministry Residency will submit an application, resumé, and background information form via email.
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