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About Keller, TX

The city we love to call home.

The City of Keller has garnered national prominence for its cozy location in the middle of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. This is due to the fact that it combines the conveniences and amenities of large cities with the roots of a small town and places an emphasis on quality of life.

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 In the Dallas–Fort Worth metropolitan area, the city of Keller is a bedroom community located in Tarrant County, Texas. The most recent census estimates place the population of the city at 39,627, which places it as the 74th most populous city in the state of Texas. As of the first of July in 2019, the most recent estimate places the population at 47,213.

The town of Keller was founded by pioneers in the early 1850s, and it quickly became an important stop along the Texas and Pacific Railway. The settlers chose an area in Keller that was close to the water supply provided by the Trinity River and had a lot of available farmland. This led to the settlement of that area. On November 16, 1955, Keller was officially recognized as a corporation.

The majority of Keller is made up of residential areas, and it has about 300 acres (120 hectares) of developed property with 11 park sites and over 26 miles (42 km) of trails for hiking and biking combined.

Modern Keller

New residential construction is increasingly filling in open spaces, but there is no option to expand Keller's limits because adjacent towns do not provide any such opportunities. The population of Keller was estimated to be 4,555 during the 1980 census; as of today, almost 45,000 people call Keller their home. Keller Town Hall is located on Bear Creek Parkway, the Keller Public Library and Keller Senior Activities Center are both located on Johnson Road, the Municipal Service Center is located on Bear Creek Parkway West, and The Keller Pointe, the city's award-winning recreation and aquatic center, is located on Rufe Snow Drive. All of these facilities are considered to be part of the city of Keller. In addition, the city's police complex, which includes the Regional Jail, the Regional Animal Adoption Center, and the Regional 911 Dispatch Center, NETCOM, recently underwent renovations and expansions. These facilities serve the cities of Keller, Colleyville, Southlake, and Westlake.

 Keller is Texas's Most Family-Friendly City and is home to just under 46,000 people across its 18.4 square miles. It is blessed with a warm and welcoming atmosphere, an excellent school system, a wide variety of shopping and dining destinations, and award-winning city facilities, programs, and services. Keller is a city that was named Texas's Most Family-Friendly City.

Old Town Keller, which is rich in history, and the urban Keller Town Center, which is more modern, are just two of the distinct business districts that power our community's one-of-a-kind economy. And the citywide parks and trails system, which is anchored by Big Bear Creek, provides opportunities for enjoyment as well as movement between the city's recreation and aquatics center, The Keller Pointe, and several sports facilities. The Keller Public Library includes more than 80,000 books and a vast collection of online resources. Right next door is the brand-new Keller Senior Activities Center, which brings seniors together for engaging activities with an emphasis on health and friendship.

The lack of direct contact to any interstate highways is one factor that contributes to the tranquility of the bedroom community that is Keller. A highway that traverses the United States from north to south, U.S. Route 377, runs parallel to Interstate 35W along Keller's western boundary. Keller is traversed by Davis Boulevard (FM 1938), which is a Farm to Market Road that runs in a north–south direction from North Richland Hills to Southlake. From Interstate 35W in Fort Worth, where it is known as "Golden Triangle Boulevard," all the way to State Highway 114 (SH 114) in Southlake, where it is known as "Southlake Boulevard," the Keller Parkway (FM 1709) connects these two major thoroughfares. The benefit is you get quiet neighborhoods while Keller's proximity to major highways allows you to get to neighboring cities with ease while traversing the DFW metroplex quickly.

Government and Services

Municipal Government

The City of Keller is a full-service city, meaning that it offers police, fire, and emergency medical services, parks and recreation, a library, a senior center, animal control, planning, building inspection, economic development, public works, street maintenance, water, wastewater, drainage, and disposal of solid waste. All of these services are provided by the City of Keller. The city council of Keller, Texas, which operates under a Council-Manager form of government and is comprised of seven representatives elected at-large, is charged with the responsibility of enacting local legislation, establishing policies, and adopting Keller's annual operating budgets. At 1100 Bear Creek Parkway, in the heart of Keller Town Center, you'll find the Keller City Hall. 

The City of Keller and the Town of Westlake are both under the protection of the Keller Police Department. Together with the neighboring cities of Southlake and Colleyville, the police department of the regional jail, the regional animal services and adoption center, and the regional 9-1-1 dispatch center are all shared by the regional police department. In addition, the Keller Police Department is responsible for providing the Town of Westlake with any and all law enforcement services. There are five different service divisions within the department, including patrol, traffic, investigations, confinement, and administrative.

Keller Fire and Rescue

The Keller Fire Rescue Department oversees the operation of three fire stations located across the city. Firefighters and paramedics work round-the-clock to protect the residents of Keller and, through a system of mutual aid, their neighbors in the surrounding cities as well. Along with the Southlake, Colleyville, and Westlake police departments, the fire department is a member of the shared communications network that serves the three communities. (Contrary to the case with the police department, Keller Fire and Rescue does not provide service to Westlake because that city has its own fire department.)

The City of Keller participates in the North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG) as an associate member on a voluntary basis. The function of the member is to facilitate joint decision-making, assist in finding regional solutions, reduce unnecessary duplication, and facilitate coordination between individual and collective local governments.

Education in Keller

Keller ISD: A Great District

More than 35,000 students are among those whom the Keller public schools District educates. Its service area encompasses parts of the cities of Colleyville, Fort Worth, Haltom City, Hurst, North Richland Hills, Southlake, Watauga, and Westlake, as well as the entirety of Keller. The land area it encompasses, which totals 51 square miles, makes it the third largest school district in Tarrant County.

 More than 4,000 people are employed by Keller ISD, including slightly more than 2,700 people in instructional roles within the classrooms. Everything that employees of Keller Independent School District do is geared toward providing students with an exceptional educational experience, whether it be teaching in the classroom, maintaining the facilities that our students use, or providing support and guidance for both students and staff alike.

 Keller ISD Achievements

STAAR Testing Proficiency Rates

  • 90% Math
  • 89% Science
  • 78% Writing
  • 89% Social Studies
  • 86% Reading 

Other Academic Stats

  • Avg. SAT scores 1111 avg vs state avg of 1019
  • Avg ACT scores 23 avg vs state avg of 20.3
  • 31 College Level AP Courses in KISD High Schools
  • 3,789 Advanced Placement Exams Passed
  • 1130.5 Dual Credit Hours Earned by Students

Fine Arts

  • 97.1% Graduation rate of KISD Fine Art Students
  • UIL state drama champions
  • 17 All-State Performers
  • 6 Vase Gold Seals for Visual Arts


  • 9000+ student-athletes
  • 900+ post-season qualifiers
  • 8 State Champions since 2000

Private Schools In Keller, TX

In addition to great public schools, Keller residents can choose from a selection of private schools that are faith-based and non-faith-based in nature.

  • Harvest Christian Academy
  • St. Elizabeth Ann Seton School
  • The Goddard School
  • Messiah Lutheran Classical School
  • Keller Montessori School
  • And other daycares.

Economy and Demographics

Keller has a strong and vibrant economy with a youthful population. 

  • Average Household Income $167,599
  • Median Household Income $128,242
  • Age Distribution Median Age 34.49
  • Average Age 35.7
  • Educational Attainment college degree or higher 80.06%
  • Population density 2,543 people per square mile


As part of North Texas, the city's summers are quite hot while yielding mild winters typically. While the yearly average high is 76ºF and the yearly average low is 56ºF, don't be fooled. The summer average high is 93ºF with many days above 100ºF. This heat is offset by milder winters where the average low temperature is 37º F and the average high is 57ºF.

Keller History

Although pioneers had arrived in the region earlier, the actual settlement of Double Springs did not occur until the early 1850s. This location is located two miles to the north and east of the community's current location. In 1852, the Lonesome Dove Baptist Church encouraged a number of its members, including Daniel Barcroft and Permelia Allen, to found the Mount Gilead Baptist Church. In the year 1879, as word spread that the Texas and Pacific Railway would extend its reach into the northern district of the county, residents of the area started moving to a location that was closer to the route. They decided to call their new community Athol.

During the year 1848, Samuel Needham sold 640 acres of land to Isaac Roberts for the sum of $200. The land was home to the communities of Double Springs and the future site of Keller, both of which were located on it. A portion of Roberts's land was left to A. G. Roberts in 1875, and in 1882, A. G. Roberts sold a right-of-way to the Texas and Pacific Railroad for the price of twenty-five dollars. In July of 1881, H. W. Wood donated forty acres to the general populace in order to establish Athol as a townsite. At the urging of a Texas Pacific foreman or official named Keller, the citizens of Athol agreed to name the town after him if the site became a stop on the line. This was done in the hopes of having a station and a permanent rail service stop on the line constructed in Athol. The name Athol was eventually abandoned, and by 1882, the location in question was referred to as Keller in abstracts. According to local lore, the first train to pass through Keller was on May 9, 1881. Despite the fact that this date is before the year 1882, when Roberts sold the right-of-way to the Texas Pacific, this date has been accepted as fact. In the year 1888, a post office was opened in the community of Keller. The Mount Gilead cemetery records show that a good number of the early settlers in the region were of Scottish, Irish, and English descent.

The wide-open prairie is directly to the west of the town, which is located in the region known as the Eastern Cross Timbers. Domingo Ramón, a Spanish explorer, referred to the area as Monte Grande in 1716 and made the following observation: "On this particular day, I journeyed through a heavily forested area that was dominated by oak trees. It was impossible for us to travel through the forest on horseback without first felling some trees with axes and knives because the forest was so dense and impenetrable." The early settlers in Texas were responsible for the upkeep of their homes and gardens, where they cultivated produce such as peaches and pears. Because of the abundant supply of acorns provided by the oak trees in the area, pig farming was particularly successful in the region. Grapevines flourished in the climate and added an additional crop of fruit to the mix. The vast majority of homes, the majority of which were of the two-pen variety, were constructed out of lumber that was brought in by wagon from Grapevine or other locations. Although the woods in the Cross Timbers region were dense and contained a wide variety of trees, including mesquite, cedar, and dense underbrush, the lumber in the region was not suitable for building. Although they kept their farms and ranches out on the prairie, some people chose to live in the woods instead.

Keller has recently been incorporated into the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport complex and is located in close proximity to Ross Perot Jr.'s newly developed Alliance Airport, which was developed in connection with business interests in Fort Worth. In the year 1990, there were 13,683 people living in Keller. Although the majority of Keller's residents find employment outside of the city, an increasing number of businesses, both commercial and industrial, are relocating to the area.

We hope you’ll love Keller as much as we do.

One of the "Best Small Cities in America," one of the "Top 10 Places to Live in Texas," and one of the "Best Places to Raise a Family in Texas" are just a few of the recent honors that have been bestowed upon this community. Keller, which has departments of both police and fire that are recognized for their excellence, is routinely ranked among the safest cities in both the state and the country.

Finding a Church In Keller, Texas

If you are searching for a church in Keller, the good news is that there are many churches in Keller that are healthy and will provide a place for spiritual development for you and your family. The search results can be almost overwhelming. Milestone Church’s mission is to reach people and build lives. We don’t want to just be a place you attend once a week, we want to be spiritual family. We want to connect with you and have you take your next step to grow in your relationship with God. We’ve even made it simple with our Growth Track.

Milestone Church's LOCATION from Keller, TX

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We have an easy, next-step process to help you get learn more, grow spiritually, and get connected in our Growth Track. The Growth Track consists of:

  • Discovery 101- Hear from Pastor Jeff and learn about Milestone in a gathering on Sunday morning after service. Lunch and childcare provided.
  • Serve Team 201 – Discover your spiritual gifts and learn how you can get connected to serve in a ministry where you can find deep fulfillment in reaching people and building lives.
  • Values 301 – Get connected and make deep friendships in this six-week small group setting where you’ll learn about Milestone’s values and how they help you grow in your walk with God.

Welcome to Keller, TX.
We'd love you to be our guest!

If you are looking for a church in Keller, we’d love for you to be our guest. We have a special parking spot for you and a Guest Suite on the Keller campus, where it would be our pleasure to meet you, get to know you, and answer any questions you have about Milestone or simply to help you get settled in Keller if you are a new resident! We are looking forward to meeting you.

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