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About McKinney, TX

The city we love to call home.

Many people enjoy living in McKinney, Texas; a rapidly expanding city named the nation's best place to live in 2014 by Money Magazine. The community is now served by a varied and dynamic economy, a high standard of living, and leadership and residents committed to commemorating its history. These factors are laying the foundation for continued and future growth in McKinney, the third largest city in Collin County.

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With its tree-lined streets, historic center, relaxed pace, and close-knit, creative population, McKinney, a city about 30 miles north of Dallas, makes for the ideal place to call home in Texas. McKinney and its neighboring cities have world-class amenities, making anything a resident could need within a short drive in any direction.

William Davis, whose 3,000 acres were where McKinney is currently located, contributed 120 acres for the townsite on March 24, 1849. Incorporated ten years later, the town of McKinney chose the commission form of government in 1913. The city today has an area of 62.9 square miles, of which 62.2 square miles are land, and 0.7 square miles are covered by water.

Modern McKinney

The city's essence is embodied in McKinney's innate individuality, which ranges from its vibrant historic downtown and Adriatica Village, inspired by Croatia, to its tranquil natural surroundings, recreational offerings, and business-friendly atmosphere. Each of these fosters a distinct feeling of identity in the community and provides distinctive gathering spots for friends and family. McKinney is "Unique by Nature" because of its balanced way of life, sense of belonging and identity, and authenticity.

The residents truly embody these unique attributes of the city in suburban America. This sense of community is visible in a warm, secure, and welcoming city that maintains close ties to its past and traditions while experiencing fast economic growth and consistently introducing new amenities that enhance and broaden its special and unique quality of life.

In 2020, its population was 195,308, and as of May 2017, McKinney was the third-fastest-growing city in the United States. Downtown McKinney is constantly changing while maintaining a genuine sense of community that sets it apart from other areas in the region.

With a rich history of innovation and culture, downtown McKinney is a welcoming and convenient destination for everyone. It provides high-quality food, shopping, and entertainment. This community is characterized by the blending of the old and the modern, which offers countless experiences for everyone and is a big reason for its continued growth.

The city of McKinney offers two libraries, a cultural center, golf courses, multiple parks, a cultural district, a tennis center, an airport, and more. With so much to offer people of all ages love living in McKinney.

Government and Services

Municipal Government

The city of McKinney is a voluntary member of the North Central Texas Council of Governments organization, whose goals include coordinating individual and group local governments and facilitating regional solutions, eliminating pointless redundancy, and enabling collaborative choices.

The McKinney City Council is composed of seven people. Four members are chosen from single-member districts, while the mayor and two members are selected at large. The City Council appoints the City Manager of McKinney, who oversees and manages the execution of processes, policies, and ordinances.

The city's central municipal law enforcement organization is the McKinney Police Department. The McKinney Fire Department operates ten strategically placed fire stations.

McKinney Fire and Rescue

Of the ten fire stations positioned at key locations across the city, the bulk of the McKinney Fire Department's staff members is assigned to the Operations division. This number comprises 186 certified members of the Special Operations, EMT, and Paramedic divisions.

Visit the Fire Museum, which is located on Taylor Burk Drive, to learn more about the history of the city's fire department and emergency medical services.

From its earliest origins to the present, the Fire Museum offers a visual history of the culture, technology, and related facets of fire and emergency medical care. Additionally, it provides a venue for instructing and promoting fire safety and prevention.

Education in McKinney

McKinney ISD: A Great District

McKinney ISD is one of Texas's fastest-growing school districts, with about 24,500 students enrolled in 20 elementary schools, five middle schools, three high schools, two alternative campuses, and one early childhood education center. In all, MISD manages 68 buildings totaling more than 4 million square feet on 603 acres of land, including administration and support.

Schools in McKinney have been a focal point of the community for more than 150 years. They were established in 1848 to educate the children of local farmers and small business owners. Although much has changed since the first settlers arrived in McKinney, the community continues to place a high value on a sound educational system that equips kids with the abilities they need to contribute positively to society.

The McKinney Independent School District has a well-established reputation for academic distinction, and it often receives state and national recognition. The dedication of its professional teachers, who strive to provide every student with the best education possible, the support of our parents and community, who value and set high standards for MISD students, and the leadership of the elected Board of Trustees are all factors in McKinney ISD's success.

McKinney ISD Achievements


  • According to STAAR exams, McKinney ISD consistently surpasses the state and area in all disciplines and grade levels, maintaining a long-standing reputation for educational achievement. Additionally, McKinney ISD students continue to achieve higher SAT/ACT scores than the national average.
  • NAMM has recognized McKinney ISD as one of the Best Communities in the country for Music Education for five years running. The award program honors excellent efforts made by educators who have integrated music education throughout the curriculum, including educators, administrators, parents, students, and community leaders. Districts and schools that exhibit a very high level of dedication and accessibility to music education receive designations. A TMEA State Honor Choir was present in the district's high, middle, and elementary schools, which is a remarkable accomplishment. The TMEA CCC Middle School Honor Band for the state of Texas was established in 2020 for the Cockrill Middle School Honors Band, and the TMEA Honor Full Orchestra for the state was designated in 2015 for the Faubion Middle School Full Orchestra.
  • McKinney was placed first on the Best Places to Live in America list in the September 2014 edition of Money Magazine. Only one Texas city, McKinney, made the top 10. The list is compiled by Money editors and writers who consider jobs, education, crime, safety, and general quality of life factors. In 2008, McKinney debuted at No. 14 on the Money Magazine list. In 2010, the city came in at number five; in 2012, McKinney was named the second-best city to live in.
  • McKinney ISD was recognized as a "Best Place to Work" by Dallas Business Journal in 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019 and was included among the Top 100 Places to Work in the Dallas Morning News.
  • Numerous prestigious awards have been given to McKinney ISD teachers since 2005, including one Texas Teacher of the Year, five Region 10 Teachers of the Year, one Region 10 Teacher of the Year Finalist, one Texas School Nurse of the Year, two Texas Library Media Specialists of the Year, one Texas Classroom Teacher of the Year, one Texas Latin Teacher of the Year, one AATG Outstanding German Educator (National Award), and one Journalism Education Association National Broadcast Adviser Award.
  • Lawson Early Childhood School was selected as an H-E-B Excellence in Education Finalist in 2018 and was awarded the title of Early Childhood School Category Winner in 2020.


Over 4,500 student-athletes have access to a complete spectrum of competitive sports in McKinney ISD. This includes Faubion, Dowell, Johnson, Evans, and Cockrill Middle Schools, as well as McKinney High School, McKinney North High School, and McKinney Boyd High School. Sportsmanship, responsibility, work ethic, character development, and good attitudes are vital components of any athletic program, and the staff on all eight campuses is fiercely committed to upholding these goals and core principles. These values help students succeed in whatever they choose to do after high school. Residents of McKinney consider themselves fortunate to live and work in a community that places a high value on sports, educational opportunities, and the holistic development of young people.

Economy and Demographics

McKinney has a growing and dynamic economy with a diverse population.

  • Average Household Income $122,001
  • Median Household Income$100,775
  • Age Distribution Median Age 34.365
  • Average Age 35
  • Educational Attainment college degree or higher 31.61%
  • Population density 3,112 people per square mile


McKinney has hot summers and relatively pleasant winters. Don't be deceived by the fact that 87ºF and 63ºFare the typical high and low temperatures for the year. The summertime high is 94ºF on average, with several days above 100ºF. The cooler winters, with average lows of 37ºF and highs of 57ºF, serve to counteract this heat.

McKinney History

Pioneers were first attracted to the region that is now Collin County by colonists like William S. Peters and companions, who gave them free land. The state of Texas employed colonizers to bring people to this region, once known as Peter's Colony. Typically, the offer came with a pistol, up to 640 acres of land, and assistance with building a lodge. In 1841, people from Peter's Colony arrived.

In search of free land and a better life, settlers faced the dangers of the weather, wild animals, and local Native Americans and came in wagons drawn by oxen or horses. They discovered that life was both rich and challenging here in the lush region. Some departed, giving up their rights, but many did not, and others arrived, building farms, towns, and businesses.

Originally, Fannin County included the majority of northeast Texas. Collin County and a few additional counties were formed out of the original territory in 1846; each was around 30 miles square. For a rider to go from the county's periphery to the county seat and return in one day, the Texas legislature mandated that a county seat be located no more than three miles from the county's center. The naming of the county that bears his name was inspired by the pioneer and land surveyor who contributed to and signed the Texas Declaration of Independence from Mexico in 1836.

The legislature decided that the county seat had to be three miles or less from the county's geographic center; hence Collin County's initial county seat had to be moved from the town of Buckner. Two locations were up for a vote: what is now McKinney and a spot close to Sloan's Grove, which is now in Fairview. Sloan's Grove residents could not cast ballots on election day due to heavy rain and overflowing streams; therefore, McKinney was chosen as the new county seat. The Texas Legislature named the town McKinney in honor of Collin McKinney, despite the fact that many thought the new county seat would be called Buckner. On March 16, 1848, the state legislature approved a law designating McKinney as Collin County's county seat.

The first non-residential structure in McKinney was the Lovejoy Store, which was transferred from Buckner to the new town on May 3, 1848, and put on what would later be the northwest corner of the square. The church was formed in the Wilmeth residence in April 1848. On March 24, 1849, 120 acres from William and Margaret Davis' estates were transferred to the new town. The town was first formed in 1849, then again in 1859.

The population of the region began slowly. Transporting agricultural items proved difficult because the natural grasses would only feed grazing animals well when it was green, and the rich soil turned into a muck when it rained. In 1872, the Houston and Texas Central Railroad was introduced. When commodities and people could travel in and out of McKinney with dependable transportation, the town experienced an incredible period of expansion.

Cotton became a significant source of income for Collin County during the next 50 years. The production increased from 16 bales in 1860 to 4,371 bales in 1870. In McKinney, there was just one cotton gin in 1870, but four by 1876. Introduced in 1892, a cotton compress continued to be used until the middle of the 1980s. The Texas Cotton Mill Company, the first textile factory, was established in McKinney in 1910. Only two mills west of the Mississippi produced fabric with color prints, and that one was one of them. Later, it developed into a significant denim producer.

Additionally, the area generated a lot of maize, wheat, and oats. Collin County was one of the state's top producers because of the high yields. This encouraged the development of the local grain processing sector. In 1892, one of the first mills was built, and it ran until the 1970s. Another mill was founded in 1894, and additional facilities were erected there in 1906 that are still in use today.

Because of the expanding wealth, the county seat required larger and better amenities. The Commissioner's Court imposed a special courthouse and prison tax in 1866, and construction on the new courthouse started in 1874. Finished in 1875, the courthouse was the highest structure in Texas north of San Antonio.

The expanding economy brought more significant infrastructure and bigger mansions for many wealthy people. The 1890s saw the construction of several of McKinney's most beautiful historic houses. Newspapers, banks, flour mills, an opera theater, churches, and 2,000 citizens were present in the city by 1885. A volunteer fire service was established in 1887, the first telephone exchange came in 1883, and the town got its first electric lights in 1889.

These seeds gave rise to the McKinney we know today, a town that is expanding swiftly and was named the nation's best place to live by Money Magazine in 2014. The city is now serving itself and laying the foundation for future development thanks to a varied and dynamic economy, a high standard of living and leadership, and residents committed to appreciating its history.

Finding a Church In McKinney, Texas

The good news is that McKinney is home to many healthy churches that may provide you and your family space for spiritual development. If you're searching for a church in McKinney, Milestone Church would love to connect with you and discuss how we can work together to reach people and transform lives. We don't just want to be a destination you stop by once a week; we want to be your spiritual family. We encourage you to take the next step in developing a closer relationship with God. With our Growth Track, we've simplified the process.

At Milestone Church, we have an easy, next-step process to help you learn more, grow spiritually, and connect in our Growth Track.

Milestone Church's LOCATION from McKinney, TX

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We have an easy, next-step process to help you get learn more, grow spiritually, and get connected in our Growth Track. The Growth Track consists of:

  • Discovery 101- Hear from Pastor Jeff and learn about Milestone in a gathering on Sunday morning after service. Lunch and childcare provided.
  • Serve Team 201 – Discover your spiritual gifts and how you can get connected to serve in a ministry where you can find fulfillment in reaching people and building lives.
  • Values 301 – Get connected and make deep friendships in this six-week small group setting, where you'll learn about Milestone's values and how they help you grow in your walk with God.

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If you are looking for a church in McKinney, we'd love for you to be our guest. We have a special parking spot for you, and it would be our pleasure to meet you, get to know you, and answer any questions you have about Milestone or help you get settled in McKinney if you are a new resident! We look forward to meeting you soon.

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