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June 04, 2023

Big Problems, Bigger God

Pastor Jeff Little

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Have you ever wondered what it means to magnify the Lord? Maybe this idea seems puzzling to you. To magnify simply means to make bigger. We all have a choice what we make bigger in our lives. The truth is, life presents daily opportunities to magnify God but many other things can fight for our attention. We want to help you understand at a deeper level what it looks like to put God first through our brand-new series, “Magnify”. We invite you each week to listen as Pastor Jeff Little shares what it means to magnify God, the barriers that keep us from doing so, and how to seek moments in your own life where you can worship the Lord.

Easter 2023

Experience the true meaning of Easter in your everyday life. We all face stress, unmet expectations, family pressure, and job responsibilities. How can Easter bring hope and relief? Join us for an inspiring Easter message with Pastor Jeff Little, as we uncover the profound impact of Jesus' sacrifice on the cross for you and your family. Discover the freedom, healing, and life available through Jesus, and start living a transformed life today. Don't miss this life-changing message!


In one of His most famous parables, Jesus talked about a wise and foolish builder. The wise man built his house on a rock, while the foolish man built on sand. When storms come, a house built on sand falls apart, but the one built on rock isn’t shaken. Over and over again, the Bible talks about this unshakable way of living. We invite you to join us on this journey where we’ll discover safety and security in the Kingdom of God. Once you discover this, it changes everything.

Prepare 2023

As we kick off the new year, and as we look forward to Prepare next week, we're getting ready for everything God has for us. In that prepartion, there are some important things that God wants to show us. Sometimes what we would normally do to prepare is not enough to get the results we really need. So we invite you to join us this week as we kick off the new year, by looking at what God's word says about Prayer and Fasting.

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