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Men's Development Groups

The heart behind Men’s Development Groups has been growing since the early days of Milestone Church. We have always believed that the Bible calls men to lordship under Christ, headship in the home and leadership in the church; however, there was a noticeable gap in these areas. Men’s Development Groups were conceived for the purpose of eliminating that gap.

Men’s Development Groups build men in five areas:

  • Connection to God
  • Personal Character
  • Life Calling
  • Stewardship of Resources
  • Leadership In The Church and Home. 

We believe every man and every church has a redemptive potential. Milestone Men’s Development Groups are designed to move the individual and the church toward that potential. This movement means growth—both personal and spiritual growth for the individual and for the church.

Men’s Development Groups are formed in March each year and meet 1 hour weekly for approximately 28 weeks or 8 months. Groups meet at a variety of times and locations throughout the area. Most groups meet in the morning on a Monday or Tuesday before work to avoid competing with family time. 


Men’s Development Groups are led by Milestone Church pastors.


Men’s Development Groups require a significant commitment to the group; therefore we have a deliberate process for application.  We also build groups from the nomination of men who have already completed a Men’s Development Group. 

Give to the Back to School Drive throughout July.

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