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Leader Resources

Thank you so much for leading a Small Group this spring. Our fall Small Group semester will kick off the week of September 10 with an incredible new series!

September 9 - Small Group Leader Rally, 9:00am-10:30am
September 10 - Small Groups Launch

Coaching Tips 

You're leading a group, and we've got your back! Check out these coaching tips to help you lead your group well.

"I've registered my group, now what do I do?"

Thank you for stepping out to lead a Small Group! Now it's time to start recruiting! Think of recruiting in two ways: (1) making personal asks and (2) utilizing the Small Groups Finder.

(1) Personal Asks

The best way to grow your group is to invite people to join. Make a list of people you know... this could be friends, neighbors, co-workers, family members, or people you've met at church. Now, start reaching out and inviting them to join your group! You might be surprised how many people will say "yes" right away.

(2) The Small Groups Finder

One of the best things you can do is have a strong presence on the finder. At a minimum that means making sure your information is accurate. This means updating your day, time, location, age range, and childcare information. Without this information, people won't be able to join your group.

The next step is to take your finder presence up a notch! Do this by writing a creative group description that's fun and welcoming! Also, be sure to update your profile picture and write a short bio for yourself. That way, people know a little bit about who you are. This goes a long way towards having people interested in your group. (For help, see the section below: "How to Manage Your Group.")

Finally, be sure to respond to prospects immediately. Check your email; that's how you'll be notified. Also, check your spam, sometimes the emails go there by accident. And remember, don't get discouraged. Prospects often reach out to several group leaders at once. If you don't get a reply from a prospect, don't take it personally. Just keep praying and trusting God to send people to your group, and of course, always invite people to join your group. 

How to Prepare for and Lead Your First Small Group



How to Manage Your Group

Click the file link below to learn more about updating your profile, editing group details, and managing group members.

Manage Small Group - Directions

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